Session type: Standard (45 min)
Session level: Basic
Session language: English
The expectations of our website users grow as faster as newest technologies development. The Natural Language Processing tools can determine automatically what the content is about, for example, topics, people or places.

In this talk we will know different NLP tools, their capabilities and how to work with it showing some real examples of working API services and how delivers the data about our content.

We will also talk about how to integrate the NLP functionality provided from this tools into our Drupal 8 site. We will see some ideas coming from real cases of how can this NLP data be useful for delivering and showing the content to our users.

The main goal of the talk is to show how can our Drupal 8 site take benefit of the last AI technologies like NLP and use this to deliver value to our costumers and visitors. We are not going to talk in depth about NLP algorithms nor Drupal 8 external API integration.
Author bio
Julià Mestieri is a software developer at netzstrategen ( With more than 10 years working in CMS's has worked mainly in Drupal but also Moodle, OJS, Wordpress and others. Find more about me here: